A simple iOS app to manage medicine doses

Available on the App Store iOS 6.1 required

Introducing PillTimer 2.0

Rewritten from the ground up, PillTimer 2 contains an all new data engine that stores medicine doses longer than 24 hours, brand new graphics and design by Andrew Ramos, and an interface built for both iPhone and iPad. The most requested feature, multiple medications, is also available now for a $2.99 USD in-app purchase.

PillTimer is a simple app designed to help you take your medicine properly. Simply enter in how often you may (or should) take a dose along with the limit of doses in a day, and PillTimer will keep track of when your next dose is.

With the Multiple Medications in-app purchase:


You can get support via twitter by mentioning @PillTimerApp. You can also send an email to [email protected].

Privacy Policy

PillTimer does not utilize any internet services to function. Your personal information is not sent to Evan Hildreth or any third party. The information is saved on your device, and if you use a service to back up your device data (such as iCloud) your information will be governed by that service's privacy policy.


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This app was built by Evan Hildreth (a.k.a. oddEvan) in Greenville, SC (yeah, THAT Greenville) with design by Andrew Ramos and beta-testing (and release notes) by his amazing wife Brittany Hildreth.